Sunday, December 30

Awesome Shark Video


In the future I wont to be a morine biloligest so I can study sharks mainly. But I will still study other things. After a while I wont to work at sea world as  an shark expert and explain to many people that they dont wont to eat you. There eyes ethire diseve them or they are just curieouse.


Over christmas got the things that i wonted. I did not wont much but i wanted a hat and a winter hat and a basketball and shark week. I also got some pvc pipes to make some contraption. I think it is pritty awsome. Me and my brothers and sisters got Kaylie and High school micical dolls. She was going crazy when she opened it was so funny. James got a little basket ball hoop. 

Disney Land

Over the summer I was invited to Disney land. My sister was taking her daughter and her so and she said that she had to sons because her husband was a kid there. This was my first time to Disney land that I can remember. This also was Kaylies and James first time. On this trip I had to fly to Salt Lake by my self. The day after got there we left it took 13 hours to get there. By then James and Kaylie were done in the car they were screaming to get out of there seats. Kaylie was jumping out of her skin. Are hotel was literally 2 mimetes away and we could watch the fire works from there. Kaylies favorite rides were peter pan and buzz light year. James liked all of them except one but he had just pooped. Kaylie really loved meeting the princesses and the little mermaid dinner. My favorite was also buzz light year and peter pan. But the California scream was my all time favorite. On this trip we also went to the Santiago zoo. It was okay but we took a bus tour and a sky ride and saw basically every thing in 1hour so we went to there kid land and that was the best part of that. The last place we went was sea world that was awesome. We went to anarchic exhibit first and saw some penguins. They were awesome they would fly out of the water and land on each other. Then we watched a dolphin show and almost got splashed. Then we had a snack and looked at the ocean. Then we went to rescue the manatees. Then we went and saw the sharks they were my favorite part. Every one was scared except for me when we went through the tube. Then Annette and Ryan got me a shark tooth necklace. Then we went and ate lunch and it was so good except for the jumblia rice but the chicken. Kaylie got a lunch box with some chicken figures. Then we went to two aquariums Kaylie and I held star fish. Then we saw some sea turtles. Then we watched shamu. The show was called believe. I was really cool.

Da gukan

The gukan in the swing in there neiborhood park. He is the cutest coolest little boy. He is so much fun to be with. He loves basketball. He will only were one hat.


Basketball is my favorite sport. My teams have always been but we always lose when we need to win. I have gone to alot of camps but the Uath was my favorite.  It was a lot of fun and my team won the championship. I won MVP for my age goup. I won a Uath basketball. My family plays also but just the boys. My brother is a sinore in high school and is on varsity. I was on warsity this year in 7th grade this was not a very good year.