Sunday, October 26

I got a pod pod

Do day is sunday my mom tells me not to shop but I do, and today I got and Ipod nano 3rd generation off ebay. You are probily thinking what and idieot you are probily going to get a box. But I say Hey lets not be johnny rain cloud.

Tuesday, October 14

New end of Outsiders

It was about six thirty when I got home and the rumble was at seven.
"Is anyone home" I yelled.
No one answered. That was a little strange someone was always there laying around. I wasn’t worried, they were probably already at the vacant lot.
When I got to the vacant lot I saw about 20 of us greasers and no soc’s.
"Look who decided to show" Two Bit said.
"Shut up," Darry snapped back.
"Looks like the soc’s aren’t going to show." Dally said excitedly.
Just after he said that 7 cars drove up. They were soc’s. They all had tough cars. One had a Porsche that was my favorite. They made a circle around us with their cars. Then about 3 people got out of each car. There were twenty one of them so it was pretty even.
Dally stepped into the middle of the circle.
"Who’s first?" Darry asked.
"I will’ said some blond kid.
It took me a second but I new him’ he was Jake … Jake Plampt. They used to play football together and were buds but that was elementary school, they got into high school and thing changed real fast. People said they didn’t belong together and Jake just goes with the flow so they were enemies the next day.
The two moved slowly in a circle until finally Dary threw a big punch knocking the guy out and flat on his back. Then three soc’s went after Darry so me, Soda and Two bit went and had his back. One soc’s pulled a switch and Two bit kicked it out of his hands and started hitting him. I went after a kid slugging Darrys arm. I jumped on his back and slugged him good twice in the face. By this time everyone in the circle was fighting. Finally about twenty minutes later a soc whistled and then ran to their cars. Two soc’s carried Jake to a car and left.
"We won" A kid yelled.
"Lets go tell Johnny" Two bit yelled.
We all took off running. We ran all the way to the hospital. I ran it like a race and sprinted at the end and was first to the hospital. When we were going in there was Johnny wheeling himself out of the hospital. A nurse was walking with him.
"What’s going on" Darry asked.
"He made a remarkable recovery" The nurse answered.
"That’s great" We all said.
"Pony" Johnny said "You mind finishing Gone with the Wind?"
"No" I answered "Not at all"
We walked Johnny home.
"What is this?" He said "I don’t wont to be here, Take me to your house, my parents will just beat me I don’t need that."
He was write so we took him to are house and made a bed out of the couch. All the others just crashed at our house still bleeding profusely. It was hard to get him out of the wheel chair and on to the couch. We did it though and the watched some TV. We all fell asleep except for Darry who went up to his bed.
The next morning Darry had breakfast made for everyone. He had made my favorite, pancakes. We all stuffed are faces except Johnny who had one and that’s it.
"Sorry, they don’t give you food in the hospital" Johnny said.
"Don’t worry I am sure someone will eat it here" Darry answered.
It was great having Johnny back even if he was in a wheel chair, it was just nice to have him around. He made the days a little brighter. He was so happy to be out of the hospital. He said those three days took forever.
"You were in there for two weeks" Dally said.
"What" Johnny replied? "You left me in there how long"
"Two weeks" I said proudly.
"Not helping" Dally said.
"Sorry" I replied. With a smart alec grin on may face.
Then some people broke into the house and were screaming. Every one thought soc’s, but it was some greasers that were being chased by soc’s. They said they had switches. Dally pulled his heater and walked out.
"Leave and never come back" He said "One of these caps has your name on it and if you come with in a hundred feet of the house it is going to meet your face."
The Soc’s were shaking in their pants and hopped into their corvette and were off and we never saw them again. Some say they left town others say they became greasers. We say they are just a bunch or wusses. Life is chill now and we have no worries and Johnny…… lets just say that the cops thought he was dead. Until he was caught trying to hold on to a car in his wheel chair he said his name was Bobby Falenski. The cops bought it and let him of with a warning. Life was great everything was normal at least for a while.