Monday, March 30

Disney vacation Imposisible Maby not

I was really board and was clicking on my links and saw some sweet dells on this website.
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csap it over

You wouldn't think that it was that long ago from looking at my blog but it started before spring break. So we had it one week then spring break and then the next week. Why in tarnation would they drag it out so long.
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Wednesday, March 11

March Madness

March wait what when is it again. March is here all ready witch is great and there is march madness. What now son!!!!!!!!! GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! They praboly wont win the whole thing but they will do good.
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duke blue devils Pictures, Images and Photos

csap again

It march there are lots of good things like march madness. But there is also casap. Buuuuuuummmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrrrr. Its realy boring. It makes me wont to peuk. Why do we have to do this huh huh? I mean sericily the is stupied beond reason.