Sunday, May 11

Little Plunger

On saterday night I went with my dad to Home Depot. I got a gift card for christmas for 35 dollors. We thought that there was only 25 dollors so when we had spent that we got a big surprise. So we diceded to walk around and found duck tape a light and the coolest thing ever A mini plunger. It was purfect. I was there earlier that mouth and wonted it but had forgoten. I could finaly get it.

2 weeks 2 long

There is only 2 weeks of school. There is really 3 but the last week is just games and movies. But it is too long. Jannelle Graduatted and it just made me jellus. We have two projects that will kill our gades if we dont do them. One of them is more poits then there is in the class. The last week is only 3 and 1/4 days long. When we get out of school we go to Mytle Beach almost right away. I hope that things go really fast.