Thursday, July 24

I built a cake or somthing

Last sunday I made my first cake and there was a hole in that cake. The first one was Devils food cake. Then the seconed one was triple chocklate fudge. On the first one the was vinilla glaze and on the seconed on there was chockoate glaze.

Wednesday, July 23

The BIG Bull

A few day ago I was out side picking Raspberries and the was a HUDGE thing on the fents and I was going to pock it then it moved. So I booked it in side and said mom there is a hudge snake on the fents. So I ran out side with a golf club and started to pock it until it moved. I started to think when dose this thing end. It was ove 3 feet lond and 3 inches thick. then I thought wat if this thing come and bites me. I saw the tail and it was a releaf it was just a bull snake.

Monday, July 21

One Kid spoiling

A few days ago when cameron had moved out and hillary was in Utah I was taken out on a one kid spoiling.(not really) My mom is always saying that my church pantes dont fit so that is what I got and 2ties a white shirt annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd SOCKES!. Real great. Not. A couple days before we were shopping and i got a tooth brush. (That I snuck in to the cart) It is terrible but it is getting better I am going to get a Wii so all is weel and good and plenty. Mabe not plenty.

By By Cramms

Just this week my brother moved out of the house. Hillary was out of town so I was all alown. Every on knows I dont like sleepong in my own room but about 5 days later I am just fine. Crames moved to Milliken to live with my sister Jannelle and her husband Mike. The whole city is tiny it is not even a town... Its a village it even says so on the sine that says welcome to the village of Milliken. No Joke. Well he is only there for a while because he did not get the cannon scolarship of the woowey. So he was goiong to go to Front Range but the he got a letter about the scalarship and then found out about the woowey. So he is going to move again to St.Goerge Utah. Howlalolu!!!!! It gives a resean to go there again on spring break. so he will be gone forever. We hope.

Pirates Of The Carribean 4 "The Foutain of Youth"

Splash moutain


Jungle Crusie