Saturday, March 22


I am so happy that CSAP is over. It is great. Now the rest of the school year is easy. It took two weeks to do but I got a break when I went to Utah.

Monday, March 3

March Madness

March has many good things but the best is all the collage basketball. It is one of the best things ever. My brother has always loved Duke and he wonts them the to win the hole thing. Will go for them but I wont have them win it in my bracket. We always have a little compitition. So that is going to be fun. On bad thing is that we arent going to saint goerge during the first part of the bracket. Are spring break isn't the same as normal this year. We always stay at the same hotel. We play a lot of basketball and swim. We play racket ball all night. Last year we got a room with three rooms and hamec. We are always on the bottom floor so we can go out and in really fast. There was a little park for the little kids. Kaylie really loved it. Any way that is a different post. I wont marqqet to win. So we will probily watch braket toligy on the 7th. I am so excited. I am a little bimed brcause I will be in school. It will stil here.


March has a good and a bad side to it. The good is March Madness. The bad thing is CSAP. It is the worst thing in school. The only good thing is that they dont hurt your grades but they take forever and last all day. They are next week so I will get a break when I go to Utah. I dont miss any but I still get a break. They are on tuseday and wedsday next week. The week after that is tuse weds and thurs. So it is ok. I just wont to get them over with.

Sunday, March 2

Maby Win

Scince I didn't win the trip to Disneyland I have entered in a drawing to win tickets to Finding Nemo on Ice. There is a little drawing in loveland so I think I have a chase of winning. You win 4 tickets to any of the shows. They are hear from March 20-23 at the Budweiser Event Center. All you have to do is drop the coloring page in the lobby of the Reporter Herald. It would be really cool scince Annette and Kaylie are going to princesses on ice. This would be so cool.