Wednesday, April 30

Yeah September... What ?

Normally September is bad it is the first full month of school. It is the end of summer and it will start getting cold. So what is good about September? We might be going to Disneyland. That would be great. It has only been like a year but it feels a lot longer. If we can’t go to Disneyland we will go to Disneyworld. I can’t wait until then. I have anoid everyone by playing the Disneyland parade song. More of the family would come and that is fine. I relly wont to go on the Peter Pan ride. Kaylie and Hilary would be on small world a lot and with princesses. I would be with james looking for the other disney charachtors. I am so happey that the Year Of A Million Dreams is still going on this year. Mabe we will win some thing. We wont have to find a hotel room because we are going to use a time share. There will be 6 of us mabe 8 when we go. I cant wait until september it is going to be so much fun