Wednesday, January 30


Thompson Valley Basketball has really bad for the last few years and the team has been jerks to each other. So this year they decided they would be different. The first game they lost but the team was 5a and can recruit. Then they beat the best team in Wyoming in 5a. At the beginning of the year they were losing the games by 1. When they were wining they were wining by like 3. Then they Beat Loveland the cross town rival by 1 point and there was a little turn around except for the Fossil Ridge games when they lost by 28 but everybody says that the coaching was terrible. Then all the teams that beat them by one they are beating them by 1. There are a few games left and they still have a chance of state.

Good By Gordan

On sunday January 27, 2008 was a sad day for any LDS person or any person who new

Gordan B. Hinckly. He was the prophat of the Morman church. The last thing I he told the world to use Myspace and blogs to spread the word of god because it is really easy to do. People think that the Bible is the word of god. It is as long as it is translated correctly. The other is The Book Of Morman is the other one.

New Movies

In the past couple of weeks me and my mom joined the disney movie club. We got a lot of movies. We got 7 movies to exact. My favorite one out of all of them is CARS then I like Robin Hood or as Cameron calls it the chicken movie. We also got Aladdin, Chicken Little, Lilo and Stitch, Bridge To Tarigithia and Cinderella. They make me wont to go back to disneyland. It has been almost a year since I have been but it feels it has been 100 years. I also bought at the store Chip and Dale cartoons and Jungle Book. I really love them a lot.

Sick Sick Sick

Ever since wright before christman break at least one person is sick. I havent been to school for a hole week scince a week before christmas break. I was hurt or sick or it was a short week. I have been sick twice and I am sick wright now. My couph really hurts. I constantly feal like I am going to barf it is not fun. So I am home watching disney movies. It is a good thing we joined the disney movie club so we got a lot of new movies. So I have watched a buntch of movies. They are bringing a lot of good memorys back and macking me wont to go to disneyland. My favorite movie of them os Cars. It is really good. So even though I have all these movies it still is very boring.

Tuesday, January 29

Why cant I go to DisneyLand

Ow how I wont to go to disneyland. I hope we can go this summer. Maybe we will be able to go then because my brother will be graduated. That sounds mean but I really wont to go. I really wont to watch the perade again. With all the good music and jist the smell. Then all the rides in fantesy land I wont to go on peter pan. With the star room it awsome. There is also Pirates of the Caribean. Buzz light years adventure with the guns. Seeing Chip and Dale and Mickey Mouse. Then in California Adventures theres a realy big rollar coaster and the hudge feriswheele with seats that slide. The food is the best with everything in a mickey mouse head it tasted great. I really hope I get to go there again and I hope it is just as fun as the last time.

Why Know Snow?

The last couple days have been very could but there has been know snow. I n the morning it has been from negitive 4 to 15 degrees ferinhight. Then the rest of the day is like 40 degrees. So me and my family say if it is not going to snow dont be cold. Hillary my sister says she is ready for summer. I not ready for it to be that warm.

Good Grades

During the first simester of school my grades were going up and down. At the end of the simester my gades were good. My gpa was a 3.1 and my goal was a 3.0 so I did good. Now I have the goal of 3.5 that will be difficult but I can do it.

Now instead of having P.E. I have Health and that class is fun. and all of my teachers are really cool.

New Fish Tank

Yesterday I saw a small fish tank on top of are mail box. It was a free tank and it was only 10 gallons but it is still good. So we cleaned it and set it up. Then the next night we went and got some fish. We got a ballon belly and named it padge. Padge controls the weather. Then we got some fish that have to live in a school. There names are Larry,Curly and Mow. Then I got a frog and named it Thedore. Then the last fish was a yellow one and Hillary named it laquesha. Now tina wont stay out of my room. She wonts to eat them because there is no lid.