Tuesday, December 23

cool phone

Well after a basket ball game i was walking out of the gym that when some kids ran in as i was taking my phone out of my pocket and didnt have a good grip on my phone and put my hands in the air witch lontched my phone into the air and it broke so i bought a phone of ebay and it came withoooouuutttt a back uggggggggggggggggggggggg. I was very angry i skiped over that part when i bought it. It was a buck what do you excpect.

Sunday, October 26

I got a pod pod

Do day is sunday my mom tells me not to shop but I do, and today I got and Ipod nano 3rd generation off ebay. You are probily thinking what and idieot you are probily going to get a box. But I say Hey lets not be johnny rain cloud.

Tuesday, October 14

New end of Outsiders

It was about six thirty when I got home and the rumble was at seven.
"Is anyone home" I yelled.
No one answered. That was a little strange someone was always there laying around. I wasn’t worried, they were probably already at the vacant lot.
When I got to the vacant lot I saw about 20 of us greasers and no soc’s.
"Look who decided to show" Two Bit said.
"Shut up," Darry snapped back.
"Looks like the soc’s aren’t going to show." Dally said excitedly.
Just after he said that 7 cars drove up. They were soc’s. They all had tough cars. One had a Porsche that was my favorite. They made a circle around us with their cars. Then about 3 people got out of each car. There were twenty one of them so it was pretty even.
Dally stepped into the middle of the circle.
"Who’s first?" Darry asked.
"I will’ said some blond kid.
It took me a second but I new him’ he was Jake … Jake Plampt. They used to play football together and were buds but that was elementary school, they got into high school and thing changed real fast. People said they didn’t belong together and Jake just goes with the flow so they were enemies the next day.
The two moved slowly in a circle until finally Dary threw a big punch knocking the guy out and flat on his back. Then three soc’s went after Darry so me, Soda and Two bit went and had his back. One soc’s pulled a switch and Two bit kicked it out of his hands and started hitting him. I went after a kid slugging Darrys arm. I jumped on his back and slugged him good twice in the face. By this time everyone in the circle was fighting. Finally about twenty minutes later a soc whistled and then ran to their cars. Two soc’s carried Jake to a car and left.
"We won" A kid yelled.
"Lets go tell Johnny" Two bit yelled.
We all took off running. We ran all the way to the hospital. I ran it like a race and sprinted at the end and was first to the hospital. When we were going in there was Johnny wheeling himself out of the hospital. A nurse was walking with him.
"What’s going on" Darry asked.
"He made a remarkable recovery" The nurse answered.
"That’s great" We all said.
"Pony" Johnny said "You mind finishing Gone with the Wind?"
"No" I answered "Not at all"
We walked Johnny home.
"What is this?" He said "I don’t wont to be here, Take me to your house, my parents will just beat me I don’t need that."
He was write so we took him to are house and made a bed out of the couch. All the others just crashed at our house still bleeding profusely. It was hard to get him out of the wheel chair and on to the couch. We did it though and the watched some TV. We all fell asleep except for Darry who went up to his bed.
The next morning Darry had breakfast made for everyone. He had made my favorite, pancakes. We all stuffed are faces except Johnny who had one and that’s it.
"Sorry, they don’t give you food in the hospital" Johnny said.
"Don’t worry I am sure someone will eat it here" Darry answered.
It was great having Johnny back even if he was in a wheel chair, it was just nice to have him around. He made the days a little brighter. He was so happy to be out of the hospital. He said those three days took forever.
"You were in there for two weeks" Dally said.
"What" Johnny replied? "You left me in there how long"
"Two weeks" I said proudly.
"Not helping" Dally said.
"Sorry" I replied. With a smart alec grin on may face.
Then some people broke into the house and were screaming. Every one thought soc’s, but it was some greasers that were being chased by soc’s. They said they had switches. Dally pulled his heater and walked out.
"Leave and never come back" He said "One of these caps has your name on it and if you come with in a hundred feet of the house it is going to meet your face."
The Soc’s were shaking in their pants and hopped into their corvette and were off and we never saw them again. Some say they left town others say they became greasers. We say they are just a bunch or wusses. Life is chill now and we have no worries and Johnny…… lets just say that the cops thought he was dead. Until he was caught trying to hold on to a car in his wheel chair he said his name was Bobby Falenski. The cops bought it and let him of with a warning. Life was great everything was normal at least for a while.

Sunday, September 28


In september we went to disneyworld it feels like it has been forever since we've been to a disney park but it has just been over one year. It was absoulutly amazing. I had the best time. In disney world there are lots of parks like Epcot,Hollywood studios, Animal Kindom and magic kingdom. My two favorite parks were hollywood studieos and Magic kingdom. Magic kingdom had the best rides but hollywood studieoshad Rocken rolercoaster and tower of terror. In peter pan they did not a star room so it was a little disapointing but they had this show could the Philmor Magic. It was soooooooo cooooooooooooool. My all time favorite ride was Pirates Of The Carribean. I got some jack sparrow hair it is pretty sweet. We went and saw ant Dasiy agian and went on the boat but did not see and crocs this time. We went to all the parks and Magic kindom twice. Kaylie did the botice thingy mabob. There was a nother bumer ............There Parade. It was week they should have the same parade. They had a show infront of the castle and that was good and cool. James could not do splash Moutain so there was a little splash pad and it was really hot that day so I took him there and he was soaked. He loved it though. In Epcot me and Ryan were getting fast passes for soar'n. A man came up to them and said come in here and they won on of the yoear of a million dreams. It was a pin trading lanyard so I have a lot of pins. Soar'n and Mission space and nemo were the best rides in Epcot that park was only ok. There was a boat ride and there was a tomato tree it was cool. They had all sorts of cool plants on that ride. Well Epcot was;t all that bad. We had an carchter lunch and and the thing was spinning it was strange. The jungle criuse was cool the first time the skipper was really funny. An monday we hit it really hard and did a lot of rides. There was a spiting camel and there was a ride and parents would take pictures and get spit on and it was halarious. At are resort there was a lake and a lot of frogs there was by are light and everytime a bug came by it ate it. It was awsome. I had my same jod of filling up the camel pack with ice and water. On the first three nights I slept on the couch then on the bed the last two. It was an awsome trip and I could do it a hundred times over and a hundred times again. Almost there

On the boat

That Night
Small World

Mt. Everist
A Ticket

Saturday, September 27

New phone

In are family we had to make some changes so we could chang the texting plan. hillary had to get a new phone now so she used dads upgrade and got alias. now we havent really got it all figerd out yet. In march the reast of us get new phons and I am going to get the Glyde dad is going to get the touch screen blackberry and I think mom is just going to get a Blackberry.

Thursday, July 24

I built a cake or somthing

Last sunday I made my first cake and there was a hole in that cake. The first one was Devils food cake. Then the seconed one was triple chocklate fudge. On the first one the was vinilla glaze and on the seconed on there was chockoate glaze.

Wednesday, July 23

The BIG Bull

A few day ago I was out side picking Raspberries and the was a HUDGE thing on the fents and I was going to pock it then it moved. So I booked it in side and said mom there is a hudge snake on the fents. So I ran out side with a golf club and started to pock it until it moved. I started to think when dose this thing end. It was ove 3 feet lond and 3 inches thick. then I thought wat if this thing come and bites me. I saw the tail and it was a releaf it was just a bull snake.

Monday, July 21

One Kid spoiling

A few days ago when cameron had moved out and hillary was in Utah I was taken out on a one kid spoiling.(not really) My mom is always saying that my church pantes dont fit so that is what I got and 2ties a white shirt annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd SOCKES!. Real great. Not. A couple days before we were shopping and i got a tooth brush. (That I snuck in to the cart) It is terrible but it is getting better I am going to get a Wii so all is weel and good and plenty. Mabe not plenty.

By By Cramms

Just this week my brother moved out of the house. Hillary was out of town so I was all alown. Every on knows I dont like sleepong in my own room but about 5 days later I am just fine. Crames moved to Milliken to live with my sister Jannelle and her husband Mike. The whole city is tiny it is not even a town... Its a village it even says so on the sine that says welcome to the village of Milliken. No Joke. Well he is only there for a while because he did not get the cannon scolarship of the woowey. So he was goiong to go to Front Range but the he got a letter about the scalarship and then found out about the woowey. So he is going to move again to St.Goerge Utah. Howlalolu!!!!! It gives a resean to go there again on spring break. so he will be gone forever. We hope.

Pirates Of The Carribean 4 "The Foutain of Youth"

Sunday, June 15


My dad has many name like Phasha,Homslice well that all I I can think ofbut wellcall him randome things all the time. He works a lot but when he is not at work he is always doing somthing with us. Since he works a lot we ethire go on really short vacations or a week long vacation. He dose not spunge me like my mom but he still buys me things like a dirt bike. He is a good dad all around and that is why I love him.

Say Cheese

after my b day I did not know what to get weith my money from Oma. She gives us 100 dollors every b day. It was between a digital camera or an ipog nano. It took me almost a mounth to diside. I got a digital camera. The Nixon Coollpix. It has vidioeand all sorts of different types of modes. It has 7.1 megapixels. It is great and I have taken a bunch of pictures with it.

next best thing

The next vacation is in september and we are going to disneyworld. I am very excited. We will go see ant Daise and thay live by aligators. Annette and the kids are comeing with me Hillary and mom. I have been trying to get my mom to take me to Disneyland by making brshers but this is the next best thing.We will mise some school but I dont care all that means is there is going to less people at the park. There is a new toy story ride there and I relly wont ot ride it. We cane ride small world and splash moutain. There is space moutain and thunder moutain o and the winny the pooh ride. there is more parks there like animal kingdom,epcot Magic kingdom,MGM stoudios,Typhon lagoon,river couty, downtowen disney and so man more. It is also year of as million dreams so we have a chase to stay over night in the castle. There more prizes to but i wont name them all. The only bad thing is that the parade is different but is is always good to have new excperentes so it might still be ok. I am so happy that more of the family gets to come. It amkes it all the more better with Kaylie and James. Kaylie is going to love the prinsess again. And james will get to see his favorite dog again Pluto.

Saturday, June 14

Mertyle Beach

On June 5th me and my family were on are way to Mertyle Beach A family favorite. I was with mom and dad while Hillary and Cameron were on a different flight. We would go to Chicago O'Hare while cam and hillary went to Kansas City Missouri. We ment up in Washiton D.C. Were we sat forever. We should have got to Mertyle Beach At 11:30 we did not get there until 4:30. When we got to Mertyle Beach we got picked up by mike.(The car rental was closed.)

The next day we were on the beach most of the day. We went and got are car and went to a resteront. We went to the beach and the pier everyday. We did a lot of boggie boarding and body boarding. We went fishing of the peir. I cought a shark. Lots of people were catching sharks. One person would hold it up like a prize. I did not like that at all. There were a lot of jelly fish. One day sharks and rays were in some knee deep water. When all of us were out a ways me and my brother saw the big dark spot. We both new what it was. Shark I said then hillary and Praygo(janelle) booked it out of the ocean. It turned around and we saw its tail. It was awsome. We did not find a lot of sharks teeth but we did find some. My mom was really good at it. I went and bought a big tiger sharks tooth at the gay dolphin. I got a charachter with a shark. We did this huge putt putt called Mt. Antlanticus and a place called shaipreck falls. The were both very fun. We ate a lot of donuts. (Krispieceremes) We ate lots and lots of ice cream. Every on got a shirt and me and hillary got fake tatoos. Hers is a flower and mine is barbed wire. Pritty sweet. The trip home wasent nearly as bad. It was just bad because we have to come home and nobody wonts to go home. The gay Dolphin This are the type of sharks Mt Antlanticus The peir

Sunday, June 1

Schools Out

Schools out finely. One more year of middle school. My brother graduated high school. Me and my family are going to Myrtle Beach. In september I am going to Disney World.                                                                                                                                                               schools out

Sunday, May 11

Little Plunger

On saterday night I went with my dad to Home Depot. I got a gift card for christmas for 35 dollors. We thought that there was only 25 dollors so when we had spent that we got a big surprise. So we diceded to walk around and found duck tape a light and the coolest thing ever A mini plunger. It was purfect. I was there earlier that mouth and wonted it but had forgoten. I could finaly get it.

2 weeks 2 long

There is only 2 weeks of school. There is really 3 but the last week is just games and movies. But it is too long. Jannelle Graduatted and it just made me jellus. We have two projects that will kill our gades if we dont do them. One of them is more poits then there is in the class. The last week is only 3 and 1/4 days long. When we get out of school we go to Mytle Beach almost right away. I hope that things go really fast.

Wednesday, April 30

Yeah September... What ?

Normally September is bad it is the first full month of school. It is the end of summer and it will start getting cold. So what is good about September? We might be going to Disneyland. That would be great. It has only been like a year but it feels a lot longer. If we can’t go to Disneyland we will go to Disneyworld. I can’t wait until then. I have anoid everyone by playing the Disneyland parade song. More of the family would come and that is fine. I relly wont to go on the Peter Pan ride. Kaylie and Hilary would be on small world a lot and with princesses. I would be with james looking for the other disney charachtors. I am so happey that the Year Of A Million Dreams is still going on this year. Mabe we will win some thing. We wont have to find a hotel room because we are going to use a time share. There will be 6 of us mabe 8 when we go. I cant wait until september it is going to be so much fun

Saturday, March 22


I am so happy that CSAP is over. It is great. Now the rest of the school year is easy. It took two weeks to do but I got a break when I went to Utah.

Monday, March 3

March Madness

March has many good things but the best is all the collage basketball. It is one of the best things ever. My brother has always loved Duke and he wonts them the to win the hole thing. Will go for them but I wont have them win it in my bracket. We always have a little compitition. So that is going to be fun. On bad thing is that we arent going to saint goerge during the first part of the bracket. Are spring break isn't the same as normal this year. We always stay at the same hotel. We play a lot of basketball and swim. We play racket ball all night. Last year we got a room with three rooms and hamec. We are always on the bottom floor so we can go out and in really fast. There was a little park for the little kids. Kaylie really loved it. Any way that is a different post. I wont marqqet to win. So we will probily watch braket toligy on the 7th. I am so excited. I am a little bimed brcause I will be in school. It will stil here.


March has a good and a bad side to it. The good is March Madness. The bad thing is CSAP. It is the worst thing in school. The only good thing is that they dont hurt your grades but they take forever and last all day. They are next week so I will get a break when I go to Utah. I dont miss any but I still get a break. They are on tuseday and wedsday next week. The week after that is tuse weds and thurs. So it is ok. I just wont to get them over with.

Sunday, March 2

Maby Win

Scince I didn't win the trip to Disneyland I have entered in a drawing to win tickets to Finding Nemo on Ice. There is a little drawing in loveland so I think I have a chase of winning. You win 4 tickets to any of the shows. They are hear from March 20-23 at the Budweiser Event Center. All you have to do is drop the coloring page in the lobby of the Reporter Herald. It would be really cool scince Annette and Kaylie are going to princesses on ice. This would be so cool.

Sunday, February 24

In State

Thompson Valley for the first time in 4 years. They are the number are the 11 seed and the play a 6 seed. They play in Rifle on tuseday. It is a 3 and a half hours so we are going to stay night. I might miss some school on tuseday and all of wedsday. The number two is Moutain View. The we see them in the sweet sixteen. The top four in each regian get a bye in the fist round. I wont them to be a Goerge Masion. But win the hole thing instead of losing in the final four. So we will go to Rifle on Tuseday. They better win or we will waste a lot of gas.

Monday, February 18

Disney Scene it?

A couple days after christmas my family had some friends over to play games. We played pirates and my favorite Disney Scene it. If you know me you know that I like just about anything disney. So this games is perfect. It is the deluxe edition so there is two dvds and there are 5 games and one of them you dont even need the board. I was talking to Kaylie and I told her that me and masha played it and she said "Oh I forgot to play that you better put it in a bow and mail it" It was really funny. I was watching the one of the dvds so I could know some of the answers. I got told to turn it off because I was cheating. I was really just studying. I really wont to play it with Kaylie and all the becase there are two new pieces. There is the Chesure cat and Pinochio it is awsome. It has all new questions and all new movie clips. It is in a tin and not a box so it is more protected. I am always the cheasure cat and I win alot. Cameron thinks I am wired because I am in middle school and still am in love with Disney. I think that he is the wired one. We got alot of movies and they are all disney.

Sunday, February 17

Shark week

Shark week is a tv show that is on one week every year. This year it was the 20 anniversity. It has for disces. It is on and made by discorey channal. There are 14 shows incudung air jaws. That one is one of my favorite but not my favorite. My favorite is Anatomy of a shark bite. It shows a marine bioligest in about knee deep water get bit by a bull shark. He was standing in an interview show that if they dont feel threntand they wont bite. It was one of the first shark bites on tape. It had taken his entire calf muscle. He was wondering why it bit him and what it was doing. He found out that the shark was trying to pull him to deeper water. He turned it on its side not meaning to it made the gills close and made the shark let go. Then he went to some people that can make fake sharks. He found out how strong there bight was. He found out that the great white sharks exploration bite is 350 pounds. It can tar skin. They also found out that the tiger shark if the shark blaimed for the attacks on the poeple of the S.S.indenapalus. They said that they lost a leg or one half of there body. There was a story about a man who lost his hand from one bite. That is my favorite part of shark week.

Friday, February 15

Denver Aquariam

Today me and my mom went to the Downtown Aqurium in Denver. It was alot of fun. It was only my mom and me so we were able to go throug really kwick. I hadent been there in a long time. I rememberd a lot of things my favorite was the sharks. They have always been my favorite. So that was the best. There was the jungle part at the beginng. There were Bowa sharks. I had those in my tank at one point. They were not as big as the ones at there tanks. There were some birds but not a lot. There was a paret and some other bird. One of the best was the tiger. There was three of them. There was a flash flood zone. We were by a buntch of of kindergarnders. So when the fake thunder was happening they were screaming and crying and some little kid got drenched. Then we saw some clown fish and a fish like dore. There were some jelly fish. My favorite type was the glow in ther dark. There were also some pink see throug ones. There was and area were there was some divers that fed a pufur fish. It was really cool. I will get do that in a couple of mounths. I will get to swim with sand tiger sharks, brown sharks and black tip reaf shark. I have to get serdivid. I have to pass A1 school. We found out that it will be quiker than we thought and it is closer too. I am very excited. After the sharks there were sting rays the were super cool. I got to feed them. All the kids had there fingures in but as soon as the rays new I had food they were all close two me and they were like jumping out of the water and I got bit. Its tooth went in and came out really quick. When I used the staralizer it hert really bad. I have to start my lesson very soon. I got a smashed penny with a shark on it.