Sunday, February 24

In State

Thompson Valley for the first time in 4 years. They are the number are the 11 seed and the play a 6 seed. They play in Rifle on tuseday. It is a 3 and a half hours so we are going to stay night. I might miss some school on tuseday and all of wedsday. The number two is Moutain View. The we see them in the sweet sixteen. The top four in each regian get a bye in the fist round. I wont them to be a Goerge Masion. But win the hole thing instead of losing in the final four. So we will go to Rifle on Tuseday. They better win or we will waste a lot of gas.

Monday, February 18

Disney Scene it?

A couple days after christmas my family had some friends over to play games. We played pirates and my favorite Disney Scene it. If you know me you know that I like just about anything disney. So this games is perfect. It is the deluxe edition so there is two dvds and there are 5 games and one of them you dont even need the board. I was talking to Kaylie and I told her that me and masha played it and she said "Oh I forgot to play that you better put it in a bow and mail it" It was really funny. I was watching the one of the dvds so I could know some of the answers. I got told to turn it off because I was cheating. I was really just studying. I really wont to play it with Kaylie and all the becase there are two new pieces. There is the Chesure cat and Pinochio it is awsome. It has all new questions and all new movie clips. It is in a tin and not a box so it is more protected. I am always the cheasure cat and I win alot. Cameron thinks I am wired because I am in middle school and still am in love with Disney. I think that he is the wired one. We got alot of movies and they are all disney.

Sunday, February 17

Shark week

Shark week is a tv show that is on one week every year. This year it was the 20 anniversity. It has for disces. It is on and made by discorey channal. There are 14 shows incudung air jaws. That one is one of my favorite but not my favorite. My favorite is Anatomy of a shark bite. It shows a marine bioligest in about knee deep water get bit by a bull shark. He was standing in an interview show that if they dont feel threntand they wont bite. It was one of the first shark bites on tape. It had taken his entire calf muscle. He was wondering why it bit him and what it was doing. He found out that the shark was trying to pull him to deeper water. He turned it on its side not meaning to it made the gills close and made the shark let go. Then he went to some people that can make fake sharks. He found out how strong there bight was. He found out that the great white sharks exploration bite is 350 pounds. It can tar skin. They also found out that the tiger shark if the shark blaimed for the attacks on the poeple of the S.S.indenapalus. They said that they lost a leg or one half of there body. There was a story about a man who lost his hand from one bite. That is my favorite part of shark week.

Friday, February 15

Denver Aquariam

Today me and my mom went to the Downtown Aqurium in Denver. It was alot of fun. It was only my mom and me so we were able to go throug really kwick. I hadent been there in a long time. I rememberd a lot of things my favorite was the sharks. They have always been my favorite. So that was the best. There was the jungle part at the beginng. There were Bowa sharks. I had those in my tank at one point. They were not as big as the ones at there tanks. There were some birds but not a lot. There was a paret and some other bird. One of the best was the tiger. There was three of them. There was a flash flood zone. We were by a buntch of of kindergarnders. So when the fake thunder was happening they were screaming and crying and some little kid got drenched. Then we saw some clown fish and a fish like dore. There were some jelly fish. My favorite type was the glow in ther dark. There were also some pink see throug ones. There was and area were there was some divers that fed a pufur fish. It was really cool. I will get do that in a couple of mounths. I will get to swim with sand tiger sharks, brown sharks and black tip reaf shark. I have to get serdivid. I have to pass A1 school. We found out that it will be quiker than we thought and it is closer too. I am very excited. After the sharks there were sting rays the were super cool. I got to feed them. All the kids had there fingures in but as soon as the rays new I had food they were all close two me and they were like jumping out of the water and I got bit. Its tooth went in and came out really quick. When I used the staralizer it hert really bad. I have to start my lesson very soon. I got a smashed penny with a shark on it.

Thursday, February 14


Today me and my mom were looking at going to the Denver Aquariem and we are but we saw that you can go scuba diveing with sharks but I cant go tommorw but I am taking classes to do it. I have to pass A1 so I might be able to scuba dive in mertyle beatch. It will take a least three mounths. It would be so awsome. I think if I can go swim in the ocean with the animals I can prove that we are doing terrible things that we are doing to the ocean. My goal is to stop the terrible things we are doing. On the news I saw that figured out how to move the ships with out hitting the whales and killing them. It was also sinking the boats and killing humans. So the man saved many men amd whales. I think it would the best thing to do in my live. I really hope that I can go throug with this idea it would be amazing. My uncle mike go scuba diving a lot so he can teach me a lot. I have to go to a pool 4 times and open water 4 times. I will probily go to Uath for them. It will coast alot of money thoug just the open water will be $200.00 plus gear and and under water camera.

Sunday, February 10

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach is one of my familys favorite places to go. We are planing to go there in June. It would be awsome. The hotel that we stay at is called Spring Maid .It has a lazy river and a pool, putt putt,Beach and a weight lifting room. Me and my sister used to play in the lazy river late at night an pretended that we were fixing a light. I got a net for catching fish but I pretended to catch sharks. Then we would go play putt putt. The pear is awsome it gose so far out. On the beach you can fing sharks teeth. There is an amusement park it was amazing. We would be there for 5 days. I always get a sharks tooth neckless. Then we go boogie boarding and me and my brother were in a tube it was awsome.

Wednesday, February 6

Duke vs UNC

Duke is my brothers favorite team and I am groing more and more found of them. Duke and UNC are cross state rivals one of the biggest games in the ncaa. They are only 20 minetes away from each other. It was a close game the hole time. Duke is the number 2 seed and UNC are the number 3 so they are pretty muched up. My brother really liked J.J. Redick who now plays for for the Orlando magic. Now me and my brother have been watching them as much as posible. The game was so intense you would know if you watched it. It was in North Carilina so Duke was away. After a hard played game Duke !!!!WON!!!!


I have always wonted to go to Hawaii. I wonted to go there to swim with sharks and study them. I wont to be a morien bioligest some day so I am try to learn as much as I can now. I dont think I'm am going to be go soon. It would be awsome to go there and I would only go to one other place in the world and that would be Disneyland. Thats a different post thoug. I had a friend live there for a year and Ialmost got to go out there but it didn't work out. I really like Lilo and Stitch and it is in Hawaii. If I went I would learn how to surf because sufing is awsome. I really would wont to see a great white shark and go into a cadge and dive with them.

Buster and Tina

My pets are are a cat and dogs. Buster is my families dog. He is the cuterst little dog. My mom has got him some shirts and a coat. He has a little flat nose that is pushed up aginest his face. He has ears that poit up and have such a sharp point. We took him on a trip then on a hike and it was snowing very littly and at the top it was so windy so he would not go all the way up so he was in a little hut that looked like someone had lived there at on time. hejust sat in there. Tina is are fat cat. She is my sisters cat and she was a good little. She was so cute and so pretty. She diseved us with are own eyes. Three years after we got her so is triveing us crazy. She is drinking out of my fish tank and trying to eat the fish. She is skratching at the doors while we are sleeping. So we tride puting her in the basment but she just meouse and meoseand meose. It is really loud so people cant fall asleep she is just so anoing.

Sunday, February 3


Kaylie is the cutest little girl in the world. She is also my niece. She thinks she is a princess and we alway say she is. She really loves Cinderella. When we went to Disneyland there was a Little Mermaid dinner and there was a buntch of princess and Kaylie was in heven. She also got to dance with the princesses cinderella, snow white and sleeping beutey. Sleeping Beutey also told her a story and gave her a hug. She also meat Mulan, Bell, Jasmen and Minnie Mouse. She loved them all. when we were in California Adventure a little girl thought she Snow White because she had that dress on. She has the desses Cinderella, Bell and Snow White. She always would have me play prinseses with her. She has a dress that she calls the Kaylie dress. She is the best little niece in the whole wide world.

Saturday, February 2

Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale are my favorite Disney charachter. They are the smallest charachter and I am the smallest on in my family. They are consantly picing on each other and other disney charachter, mainly Donald Duck. They sometimes have some weird houses and there house at Disneyland was awsome. They are just so awsome and they have really good ideas and have smart plans that are tricky. Thay have the coolest little tales. When they dance they hold each others wrists and it is just awsome. Some poeple cant tell them apart but it is easy. The one with a red nose is Dale. Then the one with a black nose is Chip

Friday, February 1

Sea Creatures

Sea creatures are my favorite animal they are just so cool and are wery intresting. My very favorite animal is the shark. Many people think they are monsters. They arent really mosters people just understand them. Then I really like the sea horse. They are so small and cool. The other on is the star fish they dont really movie but feel really cool. I also really like sea turtals. Just the wat they move and the look. Then there is octapuses they are awsome and they look amazeing. The killer whale is another amazing animall they interact with humans. The ocean is just full of amazing creatures expecally the deep creatures and they are super colorful and they light up in rainbow colors. Like in finding nemo when there in that trench. I really like them and I think if you respect the animals in the ocean they will respect you as well. There is a lot of evidence is clear. In south America the polut the water alot and the sharks attack alot. In tha bahamas the water is clean and clear and the sharks dont bite ever. The ocean is turly an amazing spectacular place and we dont treat it very well. So I think we need to start doing better things to the ocean. Stop over fishing and stop elegaly fishing endangerd species. It is very important that we stop other wise we will destroy a very big part of the world and it would end alot of things and we can say good bye to all the luxerys of the ocean and no cooling of in the ocean. Many poeple will lose surfing because there will be no fish and the water will be filthy and we won't wont to go to the ocean. We will think of it as a grose place not a happy place.

One thing to Repeat

If I was aloud to repeat on thing in my life it would be the trip to Disneyland with my sisters and her family. I really engoyed the long car ride there were some bad parts of it but it was the best car ride in my life. It so much fun and if I had the money I would do it in a heart beat. It would be so awsome if I could this summer. It has been almost one year scince I went and I still cant stop thinking about it. It was so cool the car ride was so much fun. There was a DVD player and Kaylie and james, then all the citys there were like St. George(one of my familys favorite citys) there was also Las Vegas. There was some cool things to look at like this hudge water park and this red river and a bunch of weird people. Every one loves people watching. Then just talking to everybody. I dont live with them so there was a lot to talk about. Rayn my sisters hasband had just gotten a new iphone so I was checking that out. A fire had just gone thruogh here so there was a buntch of burened plants. I had also just gotten my first cell phone and I was figuring things out with that. This trip was one of the best trips ever for an obvious reasan FAMILY.

Maybe Mono

I have been sick a lot latley.. First it was the fluw that was the first type. Then my sister had mono and was out of school off and on. Then it was a head cold and every one but my dad was sick. Then we had a deep chest cough and running nose. Now I have a sinece problem and my mom thinks I have mono and that wont be fun for me because I cant sit still for a long time. I try to do stuff but I just dont have enofe energy to do any thing. This is like the only thing I can do because I have now energy. I am getting really mad because I am so board I wont to go to school. I hope it ends soon.