Tuesday, January 29

Why cant I go to DisneyLand

Ow how I wont to go to disneyland. I hope we can go this summer. Maybe we will be able to go then because my brother will be graduated. That sounds mean but I really wont to go. I really wont to watch the perade again. With all the good music and jist the smell. Then all the rides in fantesy land I wont to go on peter pan. With the star room it awsome. There is also Pirates of the Caribean. Buzz light years adventure with the guns. Seeing Chip and Dale and Mickey Mouse. Then in California Adventures theres a realy big rollar coaster and the hudge feriswheele with seats that slide. The food is the best with everything in a mickey mouse head it tasted great. I really hope I get to go there again and I hope it is just as fun as the last time.

Splash moutain


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