Sunday, June 15

next best thing

The next vacation is in september and we are going to disneyworld. I am very excited. We will go see ant Daise and thay live by aligators. Annette and the kids are comeing with me Hillary and mom. I have been trying to get my mom to take me to Disneyland by making brshers but this is the next best thing.We will mise some school but I dont care all that means is there is going to less people at the park. There is a new toy story ride there and I relly wont ot ride it. We cane ride small world and splash moutain. There is space moutain and thunder moutain o and the winny the pooh ride. there is more parks there like animal kingdom,epcot Magic kingdom,MGM stoudios,Typhon lagoon,river couty, downtowen disney and so man more. It is also year of as million dreams so we have a chase to stay over night in the castle. There more prizes to but i wont name them all. The only bad thing is that the parade is different but is is always good to have new excperentes so it might still be ok. I am so happy that more of the family gets to come. It amkes it all the more better with Kaylie and James. Kaylie is going to love the prinsess again. And james will get to see his favorite dog again Pluto.


Splash moutain


Jungle Crusie