Monday, July 21

By By Cramms

Just this week my brother moved out of the house. Hillary was out of town so I was all alown. Every on knows I dont like sleepong in my own room but about 5 days later I am just fine. Crames moved to Milliken to live with my sister Jannelle and her husband Mike. The whole city is tiny it is not even a town... Its a village it even says so on the sine that says welcome to the village of Milliken. No Joke. Well he is only there for a while because he did not get the cannon scolarship of the woowey. So he was goiong to go to Front Range but the he got a letter about the scalarship and then found out about the woowey. So he is going to move again to St.Goerge Utah. Howlalolu!!!!! It gives a resean to go there again on spring break. so he will be gone forever. We hope.


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