Sunday, September 28


In september we went to disneyworld it feels like it has been forever since we've been to a disney park but it has just been over one year. It was absoulutly amazing. I had the best time. In disney world there are lots of parks like Epcot,Hollywood studios, Animal Kindom and magic kingdom. My two favorite parks were hollywood studieos and Magic kingdom. Magic kingdom had the best rides but hollywood studieoshad Rocken rolercoaster and tower of terror. In peter pan they did not a star room so it was a little disapointing but they had this show could the Philmor Magic. It was soooooooo cooooooooooooool. My all time favorite ride was Pirates Of The Carribean. I got some jack sparrow hair it is pretty sweet. We went and saw ant Dasiy agian and went on the boat but did not see and crocs this time. We went to all the parks and Magic kindom twice. Kaylie did the botice thingy mabob. There was a nother bumer ............There Parade. It was week they should have the same parade. They had a show infront of the castle and that was good and cool. James could not do splash Moutain so there was a little splash pad and it was really hot that day so I took him there and he was soaked. He loved it though. In Epcot me and Ryan were getting fast passes for soar'n. A man came up to them and said come in here and they won on of the yoear of a million dreams. It was a pin trading lanyard so I have a lot of pins. Soar'n and Mission space and nemo were the best rides in Epcot that park was only ok. There was a boat ride and there was a tomato tree it was cool. They had all sorts of cool plants on that ride. Well Epcot was;t all that bad. We had an carchter lunch and and the thing was spinning it was strange. The jungle criuse was cool the first time the skipper was really funny. An monday we hit it really hard and did a lot of rides. There was a spiting camel and there was a ride and parents would take pictures and get spit on and it was halarious. At are resort there was a lake and a lot of frogs there was by are light and everytime a bug came by it ate it. It was awsome. I had my same jod of filling up the camel pack with ice and water. On the first three nights I slept on the couch then on the bed the last two. It was an awsome trip and I could do it a hundred times over and a hundred times again. Almost there

On the boat

That Night
Small World

Mt. Everist
A Ticket


Anonymous said...

Loges, I think it's awesome that you love disney! Make sure you stay that way forever:) At least until you can go with Elizabeth, K!