Monday, February 18

Disney Scene it?

A couple days after christmas my family had some friends over to play games. We played pirates and my favorite Disney Scene it. If you know me you know that I like just about anything disney. So this games is perfect. It is the deluxe edition so there is two dvds and there are 5 games and one of them you dont even need the board. I was talking to Kaylie and I told her that me and masha played it and she said "Oh I forgot to play that you better put it in a bow and mail it" It was really funny. I was watching the one of the dvds so I could know some of the answers. I got told to turn it off because I was cheating. I was really just studying. I really wont to play it with Kaylie and all the becase there are two new pieces. There is the Chesure cat and Pinochio it is awsome. It has all new questions and all new movie clips. It is in a tin and not a box so it is more protected. I am always the cheasure cat and I win alot. Cameron thinks I am wired because I am in middle school and still am in love with Disney. I think that he is the wired one. We got alot of movies and they are all disney.