Sunday, February 17

Shark week

Shark week is a tv show that is on one week every year. This year it was the 20 anniversity. It has for disces. It is on and made by discorey channal. There are 14 shows incudung air jaws. That one is one of my favorite but not my favorite. My favorite is Anatomy of a shark bite. It shows a marine bioligest in about knee deep water get bit by a bull shark. He was standing in an interview show that if they dont feel threntand they wont bite. It was one of the first shark bites on tape. It had taken his entire calf muscle. He was wondering why it bit him and what it was doing. He found out that the shark was trying to pull him to deeper water. He turned it on its side not meaning to it made the gills close and made the shark let go. Then he went to some people that can make fake sharks. He found out how strong there bight was. He found out that the great white sharks exploration bite is 350 pounds. It can tar skin. They also found out that the tiger shark if the shark blaimed for the attacks on the poeple of the S.S.indenapalus. They said that they lost a leg or one half of there body. There was a story about a man who lost his hand from one bite. That is my favorite part of shark week.