Thursday, February 14


Today me and my mom were looking at going to the Denver Aquariem and we are but we saw that you can go scuba diveing with sharks but I cant go tommorw but I am taking classes to do it. I have to pass A1 so I might be able to scuba dive in mertyle beatch. It will take a least three mounths. It would be so awsome. I think if I can go swim in the ocean with the animals I can prove that we are doing terrible things that we are doing to the ocean. My goal is to stop the terrible things we are doing. On the news I saw that figured out how to move the ships with out hitting the whales and killing them. It was also sinking the boats and killing humans. So the man saved many men amd whales. I think it would the best thing to do in my live. I really hope that I can go throug with this idea it would be amazing. My uncle mike go scuba diving a lot so he can teach me a lot. I have to go to a pool 4 times and open water 4 times. I will probily go to Uath for them. It will coast alot of money thoug just the open water will be $200.00 plus gear and and under water camera.


Ryan Annette Kaylie & James said...

You go Logs! You know Uncle Mike has tons of gear and can help you get certified! He goes all the time over to Thompson Valley pool. You gotta call him!