Friday, February 1

One thing to Repeat

If I was aloud to repeat on thing in my life it would be the trip to Disneyland with my sisters and her family. I really engoyed the long car ride there were some bad parts of it but it was the best car ride in my life. It so much fun and if I had the money I would do it in a heart beat. It would be so awsome if I could this summer. It has been almost one year scince I went and I still cant stop thinking about it. It was so cool the car ride was so much fun. There was a DVD player and Kaylie and james, then all the citys there were like St. George(one of my familys favorite citys) there was also Las Vegas. There was some cool things to look at like this hudge water park and this red river and a bunch of weird people. Every one loves people watching. Then just talking to everybody. I dont live with them so there was a lot to talk about. Rayn my sisters hasband had just gotten a new iphone so I was checking that out. A fire had just gone thruogh here so there was a buntch of burened plants. I had also just gotten my first cell phone and I was figuring things out with that. This trip was one of the best trips ever for an obvious reasan FAMILY.


Splash moutain


Jungle Crusie