Wednesday, February 6

Buster and Tina

My pets are are a cat and dogs. Buster is my families dog. He is the cuterst little dog. My mom has got him some shirts and a coat. He has a little flat nose that is pushed up aginest his face. He has ears that poit up and have such a sharp point. We took him on a trip then on a hike and it was snowing very littly and at the top it was so windy so he would not go all the way up so he was in a little hut that looked like someone had lived there at on time. hejust sat in there. Tina is are fat cat. She is my sisters cat and she was a good little. She was so cute and so pretty. She diseved us with are own eyes. Three years after we got her so is triveing us crazy. She is drinking out of my fish tank and trying to eat the fish. She is skratching at the doors while we are sleeping. So we tride puting her in the basment but she just meouse and meoseand meose. It is really loud so people cant fall asleep she is just so anoing.


Ryan Annette Kaylie & James said...

Logs I love reading your blog it makes me smile and sometimes laugh and I appreciate it when I've had a tough day! love you

Paula said...

I would like to learn more about Little Riedman. How can I contact you? Please call me at 918-237-2738. Thank you so much!!!