Sunday, February 3


Kaylie is the cutest little girl in the world. She is also my niece. She thinks she is a princess and we alway say she is. She really loves Cinderella. When we went to Disneyland there was a Little Mermaid dinner and there was a buntch of princess and Kaylie was in heven. She also got to dance with the princesses cinderella, snow white and sleeping beutey. Sleeping Beutey also told her a story and gave her a hug. She also meat Mulan, Bell, Jasmen and Minnie Mouse. She loved them all. when we were in California Adventure a little girl thought she Snow White because she had that dress on. She has the desses Cinderella, Bell and Snow White. She always would have me play prinseses with her. She has a dress that she calls the Kaylie dress. She is the best little niece in the whole wide world.


Ryan Annette Kaylie & James said...

Thanks logs Kaylie loved seeing her name, the princesses, and message you wrote about her. She misses you guys and is expecting you all to come out as soon as possible.

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