Friday, February 1

Sea Creatures

Sea creatures are my favorite animal they are just so cool and are wery intresting. My very favorite animal is the shark. Many people think they are monsters. They arent really mosters people just understand them. Then I really like the sea horse. They are so small and cool. The other on is the star fish they dont really movie but feel really cool. I also really like sea turtals. Just the wat they move and the look. Then there is octapuses they are awsome and they look amazeing. The killer whale is another amazing animall they interact with humans. The ocean is just full of amazing creatures expecally the deep creatures and they are super colorful and they light up in rainbow colors. Like in finding nemo when there in that trench. I really like them and I think if you respect the animals in the ocean they will respect you as well. There is a lot of evidence is clear. In south America the polut the water alot and the sharks attack alot. In tha bahamas the water is clean and clear and the sharks dont bite ever. The ocean is turly an amazing spectacular place and we dont treat it very well. So I think we need to start doing better things to the ocean. Stop over fishing and stop elegaly fishing endangerd species. It is very important that we stop other wise we will destroy a very big part of the world and it would end alot of things and we can say good bye to all the luxerys of the ocean and no cooling of in the ocean. Many poeple will lose surfing because there will be no fish and the water will be filthy and we won't wont to go to the ocean. We will think of it as a grose place not a happy place.


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