Friday, February 15

Denver Aquariam

Today me and my mom went to the Downtown Aqurium in Denver. It was alot of fun. It was only my mom and me so we were able to go throug really kwick. I hadent been there in a long time. I rememberd a lot of things my favorite was the sharks. They have always been my favorite. So that was the best. There was the jungle part at the beginng. There were Bowa sharks. I had those in my tank at one point. They were not as big as the ones at there tanks. There were some birds but not a lot. There was a paret and some other bird. One of the best was the tiger. There was three of them. There was a flash flood zone. We were by a buntch of of kindergarnders. So when the fake thunder was happening they were screaming and crying and some little kid got drenched. Then we saw some clown fish and a fish like dore. There were some jelly fish. My favorite type was the glow in ther dark. There were also some pink see throug ones. There was and area were there was some divers that fed a pufur fish. It was really cool. I will get do that in a couple of mounths. I will get to swim with sand tiger sharks, brown sharks and black tip reaf shark. I have to get serdivid. I have to pass A1 school. We found out that it will be quiker than we thought and it is closer too. I am very excited. After the sharks there were sting rays the were super cool. I got to feed them. All the kids had there fingures in but as soon as the rays new I had food they were all close two me and they were like jumping out of the water and I got bit. Its tooth went in and came out really quick. When I used the staralizer it hert really bad. I have to start my lesson very soon. I got a smashed penny with a shark on it.